Monday, February 15, 2010

Tom & Ali's First Home:

So, for those of you who haven't already heard from us or through the grapevine, we bought our first home together in November and moved in Thanksgiving weekend (thanks to all of the help from our families & friends)! Yep, we are now officially real live adults, yay! Our new home consists of 3 bedrooms, a loft-style study, 2 full bathrooms, 1 half-bath, a two-car garage, a small fenced backyard, and an unfinished basement. It is a fairly new development (built in 2004), and for those of you that know Salt Lake Valley, it's located near Southtowne Mall and the Jordan River Temple. Here's some pictures to give a virtual tour of our new home to those of you who haven't had the opportunity to come see it in person yet. Woo hoo, we love it!

Front of our house

Living room - Angle 1

Living Room - Angle 2

Living Room - Angle 3


Dining Area

Half Bath


Bedroom #1

Full Bathroom #1

Bedroom #2

Laundry Room

Master Bedroom - Angle #1

Master Bedroom - Angle #2

Master Bedroom - Angle #3

Master Bedroom - Angle #4

Master Bathroom - Angle 1 - Tub & Shower

Master Bathroom - Angle 2 - Vanity Area

Master Walk-In Closet - Alison's favorite feature of the House ; )

View out the back of our house - Angle 1 - Neighborhood Playground

View out the back of our house - Angle 2 - Neighborhood Pool

Our Backyard

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tom & Ali's Halloween 2009:

So here's a few photos from our 2009 Halloween Festivities:

Tommy the Mad Hatter and Alison In Wonderland at the Forrest's Annual Halloween Shindig

Mad Tommy and Peter slow dancing

Ali and Rachel striking a pose

Tommy playing dress-up with Angus (the Forrest's dog)

Partial group photo - from left: Boy Scout, Tom, Peter, Ali, Scott, Rachel, Dan, Kasi, Angus (the dog), Sadie, Tony, & Zues

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few More Things...

So here's what we've been up to:


Tom decided to go to school in the summer for the first time in his life!


We had our 3 year wedding anniversary on June 3rd, 2009. <3<3<3


We went on a vacation (business and pleasure) to San Diego in August. We hung out at the beach and went body boarding, saw Wicked the play, hung out in the Gas Lamp district, went to Sea World, and Tom hung out with Nate, Erin, and their family there before Alison came to town! It was a fun trip.

Ali & Tom having a romantic waterside dinner

Ali in front of the map of Wonderland at Wicked

Dolphins doing some synchronized swimming at Sea World (taken by Ali)

A very cute dolphin (taken by Ali)


We've been looking for a home to buy - gotta beat the free money deadline (November 30)!!!


We started dating exactly 5 years ago, and met about 13 years ago this month (September) at Skyline High.


More to come if we think of anything... Maybe photos too.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

By The Way... (An update on what we've been up to for the past 6 months or so):

So we've done some fun things over the past few months:

September '08 - Went to Redfest at the U where Matisyahu performed.

Ali and Matisyahu striking a pose

October '08 - Went to a few Halloween Parties (Chris and Sharyn Stewart's house, Jason Miner's house (a former co-worker), and Scott and Rachel Forrest's house).

Tom (the Sumo Wrestler) and Ali (the Geisha)

A view from the rear

Tom and the other costume award-winners at Jason's (Tom won for funniest costume)

Rachel getting a bit feisty

Scott, Peggy, & Matt hangin' out

Dan & friend enjoying a classic campy Scott Forest style Halloween movie! = 0 (If you've ever been to the Forest's for their annual Halloween party, then you know what we mean)

December '08 - Went to a Neil Diamond concert.

He was bad-a & amazing as always!

December '08 - Went with my (Tom's) family to Miracle on 33rd Street at The Desert Star Playhouse.

December '08 - Had a fun Christmas with Family.

Ali, Tom, & Aaron (on phone)

Skyler - Ali's nephew - (talking to anyone besides his family - on his phone). It's cool thought, we don't take it personal since he's a teeny-bopper

Emily (Ali's sis) & Ali

Ali's mom & dad Carol & Rob

Jamie, Ryan, & Little Thor (still in Jamie's stomach)

December '08 - Went to a Bad-A New Year's party at Justnashers with the old crew.

January '09 - Saw a few films with friends at the Sundance Film Festival.

January/February '09 - Went on a trip to San Francisco (business and pleasure).

Ali's & Tommy out for a romantic dinner on the waterfront

Pic of Lombard St., Coit Tower, & Bay Bridge at night - Taken by Tom

Ali at the top of Lombard St. with Coit Tower & Bay Bridge in the background

Tommy eating Lobster Tail in his customary way

Ali The Daredevil hanging out the side of a moving Trolley

Valentine's day '09 - We went to Madame Butterfly the ballet, and Laughing Stock downtown the next night.

February '09 - Went to a play (American Fork Idol @ Desert Star Playhouse) for Tom's birthday (February 25).

April '09 - Went to Dial M for Murder (the play) for Alison's birthday (April 2).

April '09 - We hit our original down payment savings goal for a house (but we have now raised the goal by 50%).

As of this posting - I (Tom) still have a job (the same one).

Check back soon for more pictures and explanation.